School Philosophy

We feel that it is most important for a child to understand how special they are. We help them do this by showering them sincerely with love in the same way that we shower them with English, in a safe and secure environment. We believe that this is the first step in helping them to recognize how precious their family, friends, teachers and the whole of nature are. We feel that by finding out about the customs and cultures of other countries and trying to understand and accept differences, they come to know the wonderfulness of their own country and also develop a global attitude. English is an essential part of this, providing a tool to express their feelings and thoughts. Throughout their education at learning tree, we want them to courageously engage in any situation while still enjoying themselves. By keeping a positive mind and remembering to be kind to others, we hope to further expand their endeavors and sustain their pure-hearted dreams. For these reasons, we maintain the following three principles:

  1. We want our students to have fun, because happiness is essential for everyone’s emotional well-being.
  2. We want our children to work hard now, so they can benefit in the future. Through this hard work, our children will be able to expand their windows of opportunities, which will allow them freedom in the future. Furthermore, we desire to equip them with the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles that they might face in life.
  3. Finally, we want the children to learn to become a part of the community. They should use their positive attitude and knowledge to impact other people’s lives. By helping others, the students will find joy and fulfillment. We hope that we can help our students create positive dreams for themselves and have the ability to make these dreams come true in our global community.

Goals of the School

  • To create a safe learning environment for all of our children.
  • To help our children discover that learning can be fun.
  • To cultivate in our children a love of language and learning.
  • To assist our children in finding their own talents and strengths.
  • To guide them and positively teach them how to act in certain situations.
  • To provide the children with a new language which gives them a new way to see and communicate with the world around them.
  • To encourage our teachers to improve their skills and give them space to have their own ideas.
  • To continually strive to create a better school, because we can always do more to help our children learn.